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4) 5.25 White Wall+20) 5 Ceiling Speakers+Commercial Amp 4 Restaurant/Office

4) 5.25 White Wall+20) 5 Ceiling Speakers+Commercial Amp 4 Restaurant/Office

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Package Includes:

(1) Rockville RCS180-6 180 Watt 6 Zone 70v Commercial/Restaurant Amplifier/Bluetooth
(4) Rockville WET-5W 70V 5.25 IPX55 Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Wall Speakers - White
(5) Pairs of Rockville CCL5T White 70V 5 Commercial Ceiling Speakers 4 Restaurant/Office

Video of WET Series:

Video of CCL5T WHITE:


of RCS180-6:

The RCS series features Bluetooth audio streaming so you can play your favorite music or access a playlist right from your phone This amp also features both USB and SD inputs allowing you to play audio stored on a USB thumb drive or SD Card. There are also 2-line inputs that allow you to plug in another audio device such as an MP3 player, CD player, TV, etc. This is our new and improved version that now has optical input so you can connect this to a digital source like a television or projector.

The built-in clipping limiter function protects your speakers and the amp from overheating. For further protection there is also a cooling system in this amplifier that will keep the components running cool making the amplifier durable and reliable.

This is our new and improved version with euro-block speaker terminals that make it super easy to install the wires even if the receiver is hidden in a corner. The terminals are detachable and once you connect your speaker wire to the terminal it just clicks into the receiver.


  • Rockville RCS180-6 350 Watt commercial/restaurant amplifier 19 rack mountable (removable rack brackets) digital hybrid amplifier/receiver
  • Capable of 70 volt, 100 volt, 8ohm, and 4 ohm
  • 70/100 volt RMS Power: 184 Watts
  • 4-16 ohm binding post speaker output
  • 6-Zones of speaker outputs - each zone has a separate volume control
  • 70 and 100 volt binding post outputs for single zone playback of all 180 watts
  • Built in Bluetooth audio streaming
  • FM radio tuner
  • USB input to play audio stored on a thumb drive (32gb max)
  • SD card slot to play music stored on an SD Card (32gb max)
  • Separate volume control for MIC1, MIC2, MIC3, MP3, LINE1, LINE 2, and MP3
  • Echo control for the mic inputs with speed and repeat adjustments
  • Built in clipping limiter to protect the amp and speakers
  • BASS and Treble control
  • Detachable euro-block speaker output terminals for easy installation
  • Chime button for making announcements
  • Top quality aluminum panel with industrial grade knobs
  • 5 segments signal level indication
  • Built in cooling system keeps component cool a

Wireless Technology:Bluetooth
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